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Barcode reading from loyalty cards and smartphone screens at the checkout POS


In connection with the introduction of loyalty cards and mobile applications for customers by store chains, it is necessary to...

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10,000 Wintec POSs installed


This year is the third year of our cooperation with Wintec - the manufacturer of POS equipment. During this period, we have...

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Implementation of the Market Software in Slovakia


The third store of our client was opened in November 2018. It operates using our Market program. The location of the cash...

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Installation of electronic labels with the E-paper display


We have successfully implemented electronic labels in the three stores of our new client. The installation was executed with the...

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Startup of UTA, DKV, E100 and LogPay payments via ASERV


Last week, we launched the UTA, DKV, E100 and LogPay fuel card payment servicing through our ASERV system for the first...

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Another launch of self-service checkouts at our clients


There is a growing interest in self-service checkouts among retail chains using our software. Currently, three of our clients...

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First installation of the Market software in Slovakia


The first store in Slovakia running with the Market software was launched this month. Adaptation of the software to the local...

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Our own application on the Verifone PIN Pads


Until now providing our clients with our ASERV system, designed to handle payment cards transactions, we worked with PIN pad...

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Mobile POS


We have launched Mobile POSes in stores of our first client. Their goal is to shorten queues  during periods of greatest...

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