Integration of POSs with CCTV

The POS software developed by Forcom makes it possible to transfer information about the operations performed at the checkout to the CCTV system in one of the two possible ways:

the use of subtitle generators:

  • subtitle generator is a device connected to the COM port in the POS – it is used for mixing text messages sent by the cash register, with images from the analog camera that observes the POS. The mix of analog video signal and subtitles is sent to a recorder (a VCR recorder or a computer). It is possible to apply any recorder that works with analog cameras, whereas the text messages (subtitles) generated by the POS software are permanently mixed with the image.

transferring text messages from POS via LAN directly to the computer-based CCTV recorder:

  • It is necessary to use computer-based recorders that allow receiving text information transferred from POSs via LAN and assigned to specific cameras. This information is saved in the video data stream, and in addition stored in the database of the recorder. The software installed on the DVR makes it possible to search for recordings containing required messages. It is possible to search for recordings, i.a according to parameters such as time, POS, cashier, operation type, part of the product name or any other text, PLU code of goods or price.

In both solutions, each of the POSs regularly transfer information about any operations performed by the cashier and all events at the checkout. The information takes the form of text messages containing detailed information not only about the goods sold, but also include operations such as returns, cancellation of the whole receipt or entries, the logon/logoff of cashiers, receipt postponing,  entry of payment, the manual cash drawer opening, deposits, withdrawals, price verification, scans outside the receipt mode, the start of POSs and others. The messages sent by the POS are applied to the image from the camera that monitors this POS (in the form of scrolled subtitles).

The CCTV recorder can be incorporated directly into the LAN network, in which the POSs work, but can also be separated from it with the use of an intermediate computer (dedicated minicomputer equipped with two network cards, also supplied by Forcom, along with the required software).

The CCTV screen view with the image from the camera monitoring the POS, with displayed subtitles generated by the POS software.

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