Fleet cards

Fleet cards are used by gas station chains, as well as individual non-affiliated stations. Their aim is to make cashless refueling, or non-cash purchases in general, available to drivers from companies which have a signed agreement with a particular gas station chain.

Forcom software for gas stations, provides support for both international cards from fuel systems such as: UTA, DKV, E100, ScanOil, and LogPay, as well as for each chain’s own fleet cards issued by these gas station chains.

It is possible to define the following parameters for fleet cards belonging to particular gas station chains:

  • purchase quantity limits: one-time only, daily, monthly,
  • combined credit limit for the counterparty,
  • type of fuel that can be paid for with a fleet card,
  • license plates of a vehicle (one or many),
  • information on whether or not vehicle mileage is required,
  • range of products that can be paid for with a given fleet card,
  • other specific parameters for given chains.

Authorization of payments, with the use of a particular chain’s fleet card, is always performed online on the central fleet card server provided by Forcom. The program also enables invoicing for cashless purchases done at frequencies fixed for particular recipients, and with discounts that were agreed upon.

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