POLOmarket is a chain of up to 300 supermarkets located in both small and large cities throughout Poland. These supermarkets attract nearly 9 million customers who spend approximately 3 billion zlotys in POLOmarket stores every month. 

Forcom provides POLOmarket stores with - the support for sales and logistic facilities, software for portable data terminals, solutions for handling all electronic transactions - from card payments and mobile payments, through the sale of electronic products, to loyalty system support.

Marcin Wiliński, Head of POLOmarket IT Department:

We have been cooperating with Forcom for nearly 15 years, basically from the moment, when having several dozen stores, we decided to replace a number of systems used at that time, with software created by Forcom. During this period, in addition to the continuous development of these solutions, we went together through several large implementations such as the implementation of SAP Retail, which is integrated with Forcom Market software. The recently completed large project, utilizing Forcom solutions, was the launch of Polokarta loyalty system


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