Centrala is a program that enables managing the headquarters of the retail chain. Our clients also frequently use it as a program intermediating between stores and the ERP system in their headquarters (e.g. SAP Retail system).

Centrala provides the management of POS network in the following functional areas:

  • management of store lists (defining store groups, inheritance of definitions),
  • management of product and service range (defining assortment lists for groups of stores and individual stores),
  • management of purchase prices of goods and services (contracts with suppliers and definitions of purchase prices for the outlets),
  • management of suppliers and their relationships with the outlets,
  • management of promotional campaigns in store chains,
  • management of application users in the outlets (defining permissions for different profiles, and user permissions),
  • management of the outlets configuration (defining methods of payment, store eligibility, etc.),
  • gathering information about outlets activity (including information about inventory levels – every commodity at the end of each day, sales, fiscal data, complete receipts, all of the documents),
  • generating reports concerning documents, inventory, and sales, in order to control and analyze the operation of the outlets,
  • central collecting of invoices for supplies delivered to stores, and verification of these invoices’ compliance with both delivery and return documents,
  • management of the process for distribution of definitions concerning assortment prices, etc. distributed to the outlets,
  • sending of immediate messages to stores, with a possibility to choose which application (POS or the back office one) will have these messages appear on,
  • defining customer surveys and collecting responses received form the outlets.

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