Management of assortment, prices and promotions

Forcom software allows you to define all data related to the assortment, sales prices and promotions management:

  • Dictionaries of data: forms of payment, VAT rates, measure units, reasons for discounts, reasons for returns, activity status of goods, etc.
  • Definition of goods: a comprehensive data sheet for basic commodities, extended with a mechanism for defining any given attributes. It is possible to define parameters related to ordering and delivery of goods, sales, e.g. in the context of sales at a self-service POS.
  • Managing of assortment lists in points of sale: lists of goods available for sales at given locations (or groups of outlets) can be defined in two ways:
  1. Individually for the given point of sale
  2. For point of sale groups: the resulting assortment depends on the priorities of the group the given point of sale belongs to.
  • The mechanism enables the management of selected parameters of the goods in the context of the recipient (i.e. activity status, main supplier). Defining the assortment is possible both at the level of the recipient (list of goods available in a group / store) and at the level of the goods (the list of recipients for whom the product is available).
  • Sales prices
  • Just as in the case of assortment management, the system makes it possible to define prices for selected groups of stores or for individual points of sale - taking into account the priorities. Depending on the requirements, the system operator can work with the price list of the given recipient or set prices for individual commodities. The prices can also be imported from external systems. Regardless of the chosen method of operation, it is possible to monitor the expected profit margins with ease. Moreover, our software also facilitates the creation of seasonal promotions (i.e. leaflets).
  • Defining bonus buy promotions, available to all customers or only to participants of the loyalty system, with the possibility of customer segmentation (defining promotions available only to certain customers from the loyalty system).

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