Self-checkout machines

Our offer includes both self-service cash registers and our software for their operation.

Self-service checkout software

Our cash register program, operating at a self-service cash register, is fully integrated with our Market store service system, ASERV electronic transaction software and the loyalty system. This means, among others, full compatibility of regular and self-service cash registers in terms of promotion support, loyalty system, electronic payments, reporting and store settlement.

The self-service cash register software is available with or without the service of a checking scale. It also allows you to switch the cash register to the cashier-operated mode. In this case, if the cash register has a cash drawer (as in the pictures below), it is possible to handle both electronic and cash payments. This solution is particularly useful in small stores with 1-2 cash registers operated by a cashier, in order to provide service to customers paying in cash in the event of a cash register failure. It is also useful during periods of increased traffic, when placing a cashier at a self-service checkout, which is switched to the cashier-operated mode, significantly increases the capacity of the cash register. The offered cash drawer has an insert closed with a key-locked flap, so that it can be carried safely. In the case of the Wintec cash registers shown below, the shelves for the basket and for scanned purchases can be mounted at one of 3 heights, e.g. to adjust the height of the shelf to the height of the baskets used in the store (higher baskets require a lower mounting of the basket shelf). Each of the cash registers can be fitted with a tray made of acrylic for a shelf for scanned goods.

We have also created a self-service checkout assistant application, working under Android, which can be run on a tablet or smartphone. This application shows the status of each of the cash registers installed in the store, the current receipt for the selected cash register and allows remote confirmation of the customer's age in the case of alcohol purchase.

Self-service checkouts are available in many different variants and configurations. For several years, our customers have been installing almost exclusively self-service cash registers enabling only electronic payments, i.e. without cash service. Our offer includes Fujitsu self-service cash registers as well as manufactured exclusively for us by Wintec.
  • Cash registers for grocery stores

    If unpackaged vegetables and fruit are sold in the store, then it is possible to either use labeling scales at the fruit and vegetable stand, or to equip self-service cash registers with scales. Below are the models we offer with scales for the customer and a bioptic scanner. They can be available with or without a checking scale. The latter are used especially in small stores, where 1-2 self-service cash registers are installed, which can be supervised by a cashier working at a nearby cash register, without having to dedicate an assistant to self-service cash registers. The disadvantage of the checking scale solution is the generation of a large number of assistant calls, most of them unrelated to fraud attempts, which results in the permanent absorption of store staff.

    Self-service checkout for a grocery store with a 15 "touch screen, with a scale for customers, a bioptic scanner (imager), without a checking scale, with a cash drawer, so that it is possible to switch to a cashier-operated mode and accept cash payments in this mode. In the version without a cash drawer, the cash register has identical shelves on both sides (for the basket and for the scanned goods).

  • Cash registers for non-food stores

    In non-food stores, such as drugstores, where a customer scale to weigh fruit and vegetables is not needed, the self-service checkout may have a lighter structure. It is also possible to install a fiscal / receipt printer in the middle of the cash register. The self-service checkout has a built-in efficient 2D scanner. The location of separate shelves on both sides of the cash register logically separates the zone in which the goods not yet added to the receipt are located from those already registered, which minimizes customer mistakes and facilitates remote control.

    The Wintec self-service cash register for a non-food store with a 15 "touch screen, with a built-in fiscal/receipt printer, 2D scanner, cash drawer under the shelf for the customer's basket, making it possible to switch to a cashier-operated mode and accept cash payments in this mode. In the version without a cash drawer, the cash register has identical shelves on both sides (for the basket and for the scanned goods).

  • Self-service checkouts for restaurants

    Cash registers for self-service restaurants or gas stations running a mini-bar do not require shelves for the customer's basket and bag, but they usually have a larger touch screen. The self-service checkout shown below is equipped with a 27 "touch screen with a resolution of 1920x1080 and a built-in fiscal/receipt printer. It is available in a free-standing version (in a set with a base-stand for the floor mounting) or for the wall mounting.

    Self-service checkout / Wintec self-service kiosk for restaurants or petrol stations

Sample implementations

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