Defining the picture menu for POS

The advantage of POSs equipped with touch screens for cashiers, is the possibility to define picture menus for goods without barcodes, such as vegetables and fruits weighed at the checkout, non-prepacked bread, public transport tickets, all kinds of electronic products (e.g. telephone top-ups), or products " produced "at the point of sale, such as coffee or hot dogs. In the case of products without the printed code, the best way to simplify the sales is to create a multi-level menu with pictures of goods, where the cashier can select the right product, with 2-3 clicks - without having to flip through the book with a list of such goods, and manually enter the code.

The Perspectiv program makes it possible to create the database of pictures of goods, as well as to define the "picture menu" tree for POSs with the use of these images. It is also possible to define separate branches of the tree and to create trees with the branches for specific groups of outlets which differ in the assortment.

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