Software customization and integration

Having worked for large retail chains, mostly international, we learned that each of them has  slightly different mechanisms of operation. Implementing our software in points of sale of a new client, we are able to offer and suggest a wide scope of mechanisms and functionalities already implemented in our software. It is all based on the experience gained in cooperation with existing clients. At the same time, however, our aim is to adapt our solutions to the client’s requirements, both in terms of support for individual processes, as well as integration with external systems used by the client. What is even more important, we are focused on continuous and rapid implementation of changes in the software on the client's request. This allows users of our software to work with tools that are not only tailored to their needs but constitute significant support not a barrier to their business.

The rapid implementation of changes and frequent implementation of new software versions requires appropriate technologies in software development and testing. Therefore, a large emphasis is put on multi-level testing – from unit tests, embedded in the code, automatic tests, created by the developers of tests in the testing department, to the manual testing of new functionalities.

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