Software management

In terms of software management, the Perspectiv program enables:

  • inventory of the application version installed in stores,
  • management of the application version (automatic update),
  • management of the application configuration - grouping of stores with identical configurations into profiles, modification of the application configuration parameters in all or selected stores,
  • monitoring of software errors and critical business processes,
  • managing the layout of POSs touch screen.

Just as in the case of the hardware, the Perspectiv program provides automatic inventory of the versions of monitored programs and their specific configuration parameters, as well as the automatic grouping of devices into classes with identical configuration parameters.

Perspectiv also allows for automatic update of Forcom’s applications. It is also possible to automatically update software from other providers, including operating systems of devices.

The solution supports the process of pilot upgrades. It allows defining the schedule for the upgrading process, as well as tracking the progress of software upgrades in stores.

Using the Perspectiv program, it is also possible to modify the application configuration parameters. Both individual values, groups of parameters and the whole configurations of the application may be subject to adjustment.

Similar to the case of the software upgrading process, the distribution of configuration is carried out based on a defined schedule, and its results are monitored by the central application.

The implemented Pattern matching mechanism, in respect of the inventoried versions of the application, allows the automatic selection of locations that require a version update of the software, and the One Click Upgrade technology simplifies the update process as much as possible.

In addition to the possibility of managing the version and configuration parameters of applications, including the POS application, the Perspectiv program allows you to manage the layout of the cashier touch screen. Central defining of a new key or a new layout of the keyboard, and automatic transfer of this definition to all or selected POSs, is no longer a problem.

Examples of parameters and events associated with the software that can be monitored:

  • validity of the database backup,
  • interruption of a service or application performance,
  • emergence of certain critical errors in the application logs,
  • emergence of critical errors in the system logs,
  • failure to generate exports to the central system,
  • execution times of common operations performed in the Forcom applications - data preparation for the order, the duration of the import, the duration of posting document positions, the preparation of labels for printing, etc.
  • versions of applications,
  • changes in hardware configurations of the POS application performed locally by the technicians.

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