Price checkers

We offer two models of price checkers:

F3i – the latest model, which due to its parameters and available software can be used not only as a price checker, but also as a channel of communication with customers and the sales support system,


F2006 –  simple and reliable device for displaying a variety of short text information after a barcode is scanned, (e.g. the name and price of the scanned item, the account balance of the scanned loyalty card).

F3i is the latest model of price checker designed by Forcom. It is a modern device running under Android, not only allowing customers to self-check prices of goods, but it also acts as a tool for advertising and promotional campaigns, supporting sales and creates a channel of communication with customers. The Perspectiv software developed by Forcom enables centralized management of price checkers installed in all stores of the retail chain. All the displayed data and the price checker performance are fully customizable.

The primary function of a price checker is to display the name and price of goods after the bar code is scanned. The information presented to the customer may be supplemented by other product data such as ingredients and the nutritional value, the price per unit conversion, the expiry date (for GS1 codes containing this information), or promotions related to the scanned goods. Pictures and videos associated with the scanned goods can be displayed at the same time. The price checker can also verbally provide the desired information with the use of the installed speech generator software (optional).

F3i price checker can be used, owing to the high resolution screen (1024x600 pixels IPS matrix, a full palette of colors, graphics accelerator accelerating video decoding), as a monitor that displays advertising videos and other multimedia messages in the intervals between checking prices of goods done by customers.

Customer who has a loyalty card, can independently, by scanning the code, verify the current status of his account and find out which promotional campaigns they may participate in.

Price checkers can be connected to the LAN network using the Ethernet cable: in such case, the POE+ standard can be used, so the devices may be powered directly with the same cable.

Functionality, the way of using, performance, and full configurability of the new F3i price checker makes it an effective solution for both customers and the store. In connection with the Perspectiv system, the F3i price checker is an indispensible tool for efficient management of  goods data and advertising campaigns in a store chain.

The most important parameters of the F3i price checker:

  • display: graphic 7”
  • matrix: IPS, LED backlight
  • display resolution: 1024x600 pixels
  • CPU frequency: 1.2 GHz, additional graphics processor to handle multimedia
  • RAM: 512MB
  • flash drive: 4GB (32GB max)
  • operating system: Android 4 x
  • barcode reader: 2D imager
  • communication: ethernet (power over LAN cable compliant with POE +)
  • touch screen: capacitive
  • speaker
  • camera 0.3 MP

Management of F3i multimedia price checkers, produced by Forcom, is possible by using the Perspectiv central software. This software allows:

  • management of layouts displayed on price checkers including: a layout with the incentive to scan products (defining backgrounds, animations and text), a layout with product’s price (displaying messages and captions, defining their type, placement, size, font color; images associated with the product e.g. a photo of the product or the information about promotions in the same department, or the ones relating to complementary products), a layout for loyalty customers displayed after client’s card is scanned,
  • management of multimedia content (videos, photos, text messages, definitions of display lists) displayed on price checkers (when not used for checking prices) and POS displays for customers (between check-outs or during check-outs). Management of such content may also be carried out on advertising displays in stores,
  • management of contextual multimedia content (videos, photos, text messages) displayed on price checkers depending on the type of barcode on the scanned product or the type of group that the scanned product belongs to.

Features of the device designed by Forcom:

  • high quality and reliability,
  • good quality of barcode reading (the use of high-performance single-line laser scanner) - fast reading, large scanning distance range, good quality of reading difficult codes (of poor quality or contrast, codes on frozen food, etc.),
  • compact size,  
  • aesthetic design, 
  • low price.

Production of individual electronic components is outsourced to specialized companies providing similar services for the largest manufacturers of electronics. Forcom only makes the final assembly of different (depending on the version of the device) components.

The advantages of these devices is best confirmed by their large sales rate - so far in the number of nearly 30,000 units. Some of the international chain stores that have purchased our price checkers their stores in Poland, decided to introduce them to the standard equipment in other countries.

Currently F2006 price checkers are available in the following communication versions:

F2006LAN - version with communication via wired Ethernet, with the power over ethernet cable using intermediate modules (power injector) supplied by Forcom

F2006RF - version with communication via Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)

F2006RF/LAN - version that enables communication through wired Ethernet and Wi-Fi (plug-and-play).

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