Lagardere Travel Retail


Lagardere Travel Retail sp. z o.o. is one of the companies in Lagardère Travel Retail SA, the largest retailer of press sales in travel destinations in 20 European, North American and Asian countries.

The company manages the Inmedio, Relay, Virgin, Discover, and convenience stores under the brand named 1 Minute. It also has food and beverage outlets, including cafes, bistros, pubs, bakeries with a restaurant offer, under the brands: empik cafe, Voyage Cafe, Business Shark, InMedio Cafe, Flying Bistro, The Flame, So!coffe and others.

Lagardere Travel Retail stores are visited by more than six million customers per month.

For Lagardere Group’s retailnetworks, Forcom supplies cash and POS systems for shops and restaurants, central software and EFT software.

Grzegorz Drozd - IT Director at Lagardere Travel Retail Polska:

Lagardere, previously operating under the name HDS Polska, has been cooperating with Forcom for over a dozen years. We use Forcom's solutions in our stores, cafeterias and restaurants, operating under several different signage. The variety of formats, and the specifics of our operation, require collaboration with a software vendor to ensure the continued development of the solutions we use.


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