All data collected from all points of sale are stored in the central system, including: documents issued and registered in stores, goods sales figures, stock level at the end of every day, as well as the financial information. This makes it possible to analyze various areas of activities in the chain of stores:

  • sales figures (including actual margin),
  • inventory levels, including surpluses and shortages of goods and turnover,
  • documents circulation (both financial and warehouse),
  • promotional campaigns,
  • settlements and labor statistics of cashiers
  • control and detection of abnormalities in stores servicing (i.e. unjustified goods liquidation, excessive discounts granted to customers).

The functioning of reports mechanism is supported by the following solutions, which significantly facilitate the daily work of the operator:

  • possibility to generate report with the accuracy to the point of sale, point of sale groups or the entire chain,
  • highly extensive filtering criteria,
  • flexibility in parameterizing reports, e.g. done by: specifying range of dates, as well as choosing current day, week, month, year,
  • mechanism for customizable reports: each report with the defined criteria can be saved as a template for re-use,
  • possibility to perform multiple reports at the same time, also automatically, with the option to send the results to a given e-mail address,
  • possibility to save the results as a report in Excel format.

Transferring data from the given point of sale (Market program) to the central system can be performed in the offline mode (at the end of the day), in a semi online mode (for specific documents on the fly, for sales - at a specified time) or online, depending on the needs.

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