Customers segmentation and personalized marketing

The solutions offered by Forcom allow you to create promotions addressed only to certain customers (a particular segment of customers). Customer segmentation can be performed based on data from a survey completed by the customer (such as age, sex, date of birth, number and age of children, pets, etc.), as well as on the basis of an analysis of the customer's purchase history (i.e. purchased/not purchased products). An example would be the baby diapers promotion for customers who meet the following criteria: they have a child at the age of 0-2 years (as we know from the data provided in the questionnaire or on the basis of purchases), they regular shopping, but haven’t bought diapers in the last four months.

A specific variant of customer segmentation is a solution in which the customer is given a special discount depending on, for example, the turnover in the last X months. Moreover, this variant also allows for defining the method of the transition between the discount levels.

Since the sectional promotions are available only for selected customers, it is necessary to inform those customers about what promotions are available to them.

Possible methods of informing customers about available promotions (done automatically):

  • via text messages. 
  • via e-mails, 
  • via printed letters, 
  • printing information, following the printout of a receipt, regarding available promotions for customers, 
  • information displayed on price checkers – our multimedia F3i price checkers are especially suitable for this method,
  • via our smart phone application, where the customer can browse a list of all bonus buy promotions and a list of sectional promotions available especially for him/her,
  • via information kiosks, installed at the entrance of the store, where customers can scan their cards and view/print available promotions.

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