Electronic shelf labels

We offer our clients the electronic shelf labeling system developed by the SES-imagotag company from France. These are labels with low or high frequency radio communication (depending on the label model). The electronic labeling system has been integrated with the Market program. Nevertheless, it is also possible to integrate it with other POS systems.

After testing labels from other manufacturers, we have decided to include the SES electronic labels in our offer for the following reasons:

  • position and experience of the manufacturer - it is currently the largest manufacturer of electronic labels in the world,
  • the reliability of communication,
  • long battery life - over 7 years for segment labels and 5 years for electronic paper labels,
  • the reliability of communication devices and labels themselves,
  • aesthetics and quality of labels,
    • a complete and flexible offer: labels available in many sizes; for labels with an electronic paper display there are labels with displays from 1.6" to 7.2",
    • available both segment and graphic labels (in TFT-LCD technology and electronic paper),
    • graphic labels available in 2 colors (white and black) or 3 colors (white-black-red or white-black-yellow),
  • labels of the electronic paper type have a built-in NFC module, so that when the smartphone with the active NFC function is close to the label, the website defined in the label is opened on the phone,
  • unique system for mounting labels on rails (removal or replacement of labels requires the use of a magnetic key).

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