Price checkers management

The Perspectiv system makes it possible to manage the F3i multimedia price checkers, produced by Forcom, concerning the following:

  • management of layouts displayed on price checkers including: a layout with the incentive to scan products (defining backgrounds, animations and text), a layout with product’s price (displaying messages and captions, defining their type, placement, size, font color; images associated with the product e.g. a photo of the product or the information about promotions in the same department, or the ones relating to complementary products), a layout for loyalty customers displayed after client’s card is scanned,
  • management of multimedia content (videos, photos, text messages, definitions of display lists) displayed on price checkers (when not used for checking prices) and POS displays for customers (between check-outs or during check-outs); management of such content may also be carried out on advertising displays in stores,
  • management of contextual multimedia content (videos, photos, text messages) displayed on price checkers depending on the type of barcode on the scanned product or the type of group that the scanned product belongs to,
  • monitoring of price checkers performance, 
  • management of the operating system version, as well as the application running on the price checker and its configuration parameters.

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