Supplier contracts management

Management of contracts with suppliers is performed at the level of supplier’s offer service. The offer allows you to define purchase prices for selected supplier’s assortment in a given time span. The main advantages of this solution are the following:

  • possibility to define recipients (store or group of stores) for the supplier. This approach works well for both the direct and the central suppliers,
  • possibility to create multiple offers from a single supplier at one time, along with the servicing of priorities,
  • defining various discounts, incorporated as a total or in succession,
  • simple editing of sales prices and monitoring of the resulting margins for a recipient (store or group of stores),
  • possibility to set the sales price, maintaining current margins or the sales price, if the purchase price changes,
  • servicing of supplier’s logistics costs,
  • servicing of waste management,
  • servicing of logistics minima (actual value and quantitative ones),
  • servicing of ordering logistics units.

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