Digital signage

The Perspectiv program enables central management of advertisements displayed on the following devices installed in stores:

These advertisements may be displayed in the form of photos and videos. The Perspectiv program allows management of advertising campaigns, defining parameters such as devices used for displaying adverts, time of display, views count, length of display time (for photos). In the case of price checkers, advertising material may be displayed contextually, e.g. after scanning a barcode of a given product.



Miniature computers (e.g. tablets) with HDMI output, are the devices used for displaying advertisements on monitors installed in stores. The Perspectiv program manages both the adverts displayed on these devices, as well as the application that runs on those computers.


Example of digital signage display screen additionally equipped with a touchpad matrix.

Current playlist can be scrolled up or down, using the bar on the side of the screen. Videos and photos are displayed sequentially in the center of the screen. When a customer finds a particular type of content interesting, e.g. information about current promotions, they can, at any given time, click on any given advertisement, in order to play it. 

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