Customer monitors management

The TTM1 interactive customer monitors, produced by Forcom, are the tablet-based displays running under the Android 4.x. They are equipped with the application created by Forcom, which communicates with the POS software allowing you to view information about the receipt and interact with the customer during the checkout. It is also possible to display the content not related to the POS software e.g. pictures and videos displayed between checkouts and during the checkout process, or survey questions.

The Perspectiv program allows you to manage the TTM1 interactive customer monitors, including:

  • management of the application version running on the TTM1 device
  • monitoring devices
  • management of the screen layouts
  • management of video and photos that appear between receipts or, potentially, in the course of the receipt (in a minimized window)
  • defining surveys displayed on devices,
  • collecting answers given by customers to survey questions.

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